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What to give a girl on her first birthday

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Your little one is turning one—toddlerhood, here you come! Should you pick up something sweet, sentimental, fun or educational? As it turns out, the best one-year-old birthday gifts boast a mix of a few key qualities. Once children pass the month mark, they officially enter toddler territory. What does that mean? One-year-olds can sit and sometimes even start to stand and walk.


1st Birthday Gifts

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Are you stumped on what to get her for gifts? Or, are you a friend or family member who is short for ideas? If so, we have this gift guide for you. A first birthday is a milestone moment. Why focus on the first birthday when you can have a keepsake that celebrates their first eighteen?

Every year afterward, they can use it until their child turns eighteen. The set includes a candle, as well as a storybook. Store it in a cool and dry location in between each use. While board books are commonly the go-to choice for early reader books. Board books are no exception. So, giving a 1-year-old girl a non-toxic fabric book is an excellent solution.

These books are colorful, feature crinkle pages, and other fun sensory sections. The books features numbers, vehicles, vegetables, animal worlds, sea worlds, and fruit. That means practicing with blocks, stacking, pulling blocks apart, knocking things down, and copying adults when they build. Pink Mega Blocks offer a wealth of opportunities for the birthday girl to enhance her creative, physical, cognitive, social, and language development.

The set contains eighty blocks in an eco-friendly zip-up storage bag. Parents will love that these plastic blocks are easy to wash. Watching a young face light up as they make discoveries is magical. This light up keyboard helps bring some of that magic to life. As children continue to learn how to use it, their excitement grows. The developmental benefits will continue. Your birthday girl will see language enhancements, develop music skills, understand observations, and begin figuring out communication.

Children learn to walk at different ages and stages. More than seventy sing-along songs are available, as well as sound effects and fun phrases. The colors and textures, as well as the wheels and handle, will keep this little girl busy! Not only will this walker encourage her creativity, but it will also help develop her fine motor skills. Pushing around a vehicle with moving wheels teaches a baby a lot.

When you add other elements to that vehicle, like a multi-functioning bus, your one-year-old has many more learning opportunities. The toy school buses of yesteryear had nothing on this one. This school bus features a xylophone on top, shape slot windows, shape blocks to push through the windows, a pulling rope, and a colorful bead sorter on top. The bear that is driving the bus shakes, and both the doors open and close. There are many opportunities to learn about colors and shapes, including while building and stacking.

These pegs offer an excellent opportunity to do both. The set includes a peg board and an assortment of pegs. When playing with this board, children can sort the pegs by color or shape. They can also stack them and sort them by shape. Playing dress-up is a fun way for 1 year old little girls or baby girls of all ages to express themselves and explore new things. The mobile phone has pretend buttons and also features a mirror.

The mobile phone also has musical features! The purse measures approximately 8 inches long by six inches long by 2 inches wide. So, having a kitchen playset is an excellent gift idea for the little girl in your life.

The set features sing-along songs and, when the pitcher tips, the liquid inside simulates real pouring. Each time foods are placed in the correct spot; the set will sing a song. Little girls can also pretend to have tea parties with this set. It measures It weights approximately eighty pounds, so it will stay put as she climbs on and off. Unicorns are all about being magical. Your 1-year-old girl will also have fun chasing this unicorn across the room and, each time she touches it, that will make it change directions!

She can stack wooden blocks, play with a mirror, and have fun with a bead maze. The smooth wooden shapes allow for easy moving and safety. This cake has five candles and, each time you press the star, one candle lights up. Then, after the song plays, blow out the candle! She can pretend to have a picnic while simultaneously learning about shapes, colors, textures, and food. The picnic basket is complete with a happy face, lift up lid, instrumental music, and fun sound effects.

The set includes six food items, two cups, two forks, two plates, one basket, and one blanket. It measures approximately 3. Therefore, giving her a baby doll is a great gift idea for her first birthday. Her ultra-soft fabric makes the temptation to hug her often irresistible! She has a magnetic pacifier, removable diaper, and dress with a velcro enclosure. That way, her 1 year old little hands can learn how to dress and care for their babies with ease.

She also comes with a removable tiara, bib, and cupcake. Show off the little girl in your life during her first birthday with this sweet flower frame. Capturing her first birthday with this gift will make a memorable keepsake to cherish for years. Giving the gift of learning will never go out of style. The soft rubber on the tops of each ball feature textures she can explore.

The vivid colors will encourage her to push, pull, squeeze, and spin each of the balls on this toy. Getting her a pink bicycle for her first birthday makes sense for your busy toddler! The handlebars and four-wheel design are developed to help toddlers develop balance. Its safe bucket seat means toddlers are surrounded by full support as they swing. You can set this swing up either indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile piece of play equipment. This pink piggy bank looks just like a traditional coin bank.

Ten colorful coins stamped with animals on one side and numbers on the other are included. Phrases, songs, and sounds are played each time the birthday girl pushes the snout, opens the door, or puts coins through the slot. Parents can select different learning levels as their daughter continues growing. Having a wide variety of activities is something every toddler loves to see when they walk into their play area.

This girls gift set is ideal for children ages twelve to twenty-four months. Parents can detach the bead maze, so their daughter can play with that separately. The top will also flip over for easy clean-up and storage. As soon as children reach twelve months of age, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce them to new learning experiences. These colorful geometric blocks introduce young learners to shapes, colors, and stacking. The first birthday girl will see a flower with a smile in the center.

She can sort the colors, match them by shape, and then put them on the board. The multi-color aspect will keep her attracted to this puzzle toy. Little learners love to mimic what they see at this age. This cell phone encourages the use of motor skills, and strengthens sight and hearing as well. The curved handset allows the birthday girl to carry her phone around easily. This gift idea for a first birthday girl is all about pretending to drive. The steering wheel helps a cute dog character move back and forth.

Colorful buttons on the control panel introduce your young driver to different vehicle sounds while they also see what they look like and numbers.

They can shift, use their directional, honk the horn, turn the key, and obey traffic lights. With all the colors, lights, and sounds this toy makes, this gift will be the hit of the party! Give the little girl in your life her first puppy for her first birthday. How is this possible?

Each time she pushes or pulls her puppy, it activates learning adventures. In our ever-evolving digital world, introducing our youngsters to technology can never happen too soon. So, why not include that in their selection of first birthday gifts? This camera is ideal for children ages one to six, is water-resistant, and non-toxic. The colors and textures on this camera also help early learners. As your child progresses, she can use the projection function to see four different cards featuring rich patterns.

BEST Gifts for a 1 Year Old Girl!

Although your baby won't understand his one year birthday, there's still a whole lot to celebrate. His first year of life was marked by countless developmental milestones , and most babies have figured out how to sit up, crawl, pull up to stand, and even walk by the time they're toddlers. Their grasp of language is exploding, and they can hold a fork, pick up a Cheerio, and give hugs and kisses. Read on for some suggestions from Sheri Gurock, owner of Magic Beans children's toy store in the Boston area. The best toys are multifunctional, long-lasting, and engaging.

And how quickly time flies. So light the birthday candle, blow up the balloons and cue the party music, because Personal Creations is here to help you with the most exclusive 1st birthday gifts on the web. Or, for a great gift any child will love using, take a look at our kid-ready bookcase.

Are you stumped on what to get her for gifts? Or, are you a friend or family member who is short for ideas? If so, we have this gift guide for you. A first birthday is a milestone moment.

1st Birthday Gifts for Baby Girls

Today I will be sharing with you some of the best 1st birthday gift ideas. This is for everyone who is searching for some really nice one-year-old birthday gifts. The parents have to face the hardest trials of parenthood. Therefore, the first birthday celebrations are more for the victory of the parents, rather than for the child. Besides, the one-year-old would have absolutely no clue about what is happening around him, why is everyone around him or her making such a big fuss about the day, or even that a fuss is being made about the day. Thus, when selecting a gift for the 1 st birthday celebration of a child , it is important to consider those gift items, which would help the parents in taking better care of the child. The child would have absolutely no judgment or recollection of these gifts, therefore, the aim and target while buying these 1st birthday presents should be to impress the parents.

First Birthday Gifts for Girls

The little baby girl is almost a toddler and when she turns 1 years old it will be a day to celebrate. She is now beginning to crawl, smile and interact more than she has ever done before. There are many different types of toys and gifts to choose from in this review. We have gifts for growth, gifts for developing motor skills, gifts for sending them off to sleep, ones for developing their sense of exploration and finally gift ideas that are just the cutest thing you will have seen all year. There are so many great gifts out there for 1 year old girls.

One is a great age. Babies are getting more and more interactive, plus they're learning how to walk and talk.

And so have you! You must be thinking hard and long on the gift that you would want to give your petite daughter on her very first birthday. By her first birthday, your little princess will have developed a personality of her own. How about a truly special gift that accentuates her unique personality?

First Birthday Gifts

Celebrating her first successful year on Earth is a big deal! Our Goodnight Little Me Book is a fantastic personalizable gift that splashes her name on every exciting page. What a treat to be the giver of her new favorite book! Our TwinkleBright LED Little Star Canvas is a pretty replacement for her trusty nightlight and makes a great birthday gift idea for little girls of all ages.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What I Got My Baby For Her First Birthday! 🎁- HAUL + Ideas - Natalie Bennett

If you are buying for a 1 year old girl for a birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion in between , this list is PACKED with the best ideas for gifts that are fun, perfect for the age, and both big and inexpensive so there is something for everyone and every budget. Since the ideas were compiled by experienced moms, they are real gifts your baby girl will love! So here it is… what every one year old little girl is dying to get for her first birthday! I try to do a good mix of price points so you will find big gifts and affordable gifts perfect to bring to a party as well. Here are some great picks for a 1 year old:.

Tu-Tu Cute First Birthday Baby Girl Gift

And with these affordable first birthday gift ideas, you'll save enough to buy yourself a little treat, too. Similar to our top toys for 1-year-olds , most of these selections are educational and help to promote your LO's continuing development. Isn't it just the best when everybody wins? Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from shopping links. Why trust our product recommendations? What better way to mark the month milestone than with a personalized book? Brightly colored illustrations of friendly animals help to mark the day and make it special. Steering is limited to degrees which prevents baby from tipping over as she moves around.

Find all 1st birthday gift ideas at Early Learning Centre. Quality toys at great prices. Free delivery on orders over £‎Early Learning Centre Hop · ‎Early Learning Centre Giant.

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10 Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it. A first birthday is truly something special to celebrate. Your little one is officially leaving babyhood behind and entering the exciting world of discovery called toddlerhood.

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