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What college guys look for in a girlfriend

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I have no regrets about my college years, at least none that I remember. As much as times may change—no internet, e-mail, or cell phones when I went to school, and much of our music was on cassettesone thing does not: College is a unique time in your life. In many ways it resembles something like the Camelot legend, a fair time that cannot last, or maybe even Band of Brothers , a very intense and insane period spent in close quarters with good people smelling bad Point being, and you'll hear this often from aging farts, enjoy it while you can. Now, back to those regrets I said I didn't have. Not regrets, per se, but there are a few things I wish I knew then that I know now.

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Men Reveal The “Struggles” Of Being A Poor Guy Dating A Rich Girl

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For most, high school is a time of increased security. While you know enough about the world to hurt yourself, you're not trusted to quite make the big decisions on your own. College, however, is a time of independence and growth. With parents no longer calling the shots, students are free to experiment and learn more about themselves. This newfound freedom applies to dating as well. Now, there are no rules or regulations preventing you from sneaking out at 3 a.

I wanted a girl to hold down and share my life with. A girl who I could treat like the queen she is. A girl who I could share my success and grow with. A faithful committed lady who I could truly call my own and she can without any shadow of a doubt, call her own.

I have started to acknowledge females with more importance and respect. Growing up in a nuclear family structure, my number one objective in life is to have a family to express love and happiness towards, as my parents did for me. So, I do and have started to pin-point females who I would like to start a committed relationship with. I see the need for fun as related to flirting, hookups, etc.

The presence of a solid female in my life at this point is not out of the question, but in my perspective, having fun until the right individual shows up is my motto for now. I was never a relationship kind of guy anyway. Now, a steady girlfriend with a decent butt who has above an eighth grade reading level would be nice. Right now, I'm trying to focus on myself and figure what I want to do. A lot of decisions we make in college affect us for the rest of our lives.

So I want to be able to be sure that what I'm studying is something I will enjoy for the rest of my life or doing something similar and is something I can make a living off of to support a spouse and family.

Yes, I have fun but like I said, some decisions affect us for the rest of our lives so I'm also responsible. Awe: In high school, it was usually mall and movies. Maybe a district basketball game. And then we would just talk. Perhaps Netflix or video games. If she wanted to go out, then movie date for sure. If all else fails, I just do what she wants.

In college, we lack the parental factor, so both individuals can stay out, sleep however, etc. Dates are more of a regular occurrence in college than high school because of the freedom you gain in college.

Awe: They need to be smart, well-spoken and intellectually savvy. General sports knowledge is also nice. And lastly, I like talking and sharing ideas and interests, so one willing to have discussions is a huuuuge bonus…Relationship wise…I look for loyalty, patience, attentiveness, thoughtfulness and effort. Owens: A driven, motivated person who wants the best life has to offer.

The time spent away from each other can also allow someone else to fill the void of an absent significant other. After a long break away from someone, some of the chemistry may be lacking upon reuniting. However, the solid relationships will overcome the distance while the not-so-solid ones will only continue to fade.

I think that time apart would really make known to the both of us if this relationship is something we want. What if we find out we can't do it? What if we discover other feelings for someone else? Or what if we just simply grow apart in different ways?

It could also, however, not even be a problem because what if the both of us end up staying at school because of work, summer classes, etc. Heck, if it was going great, I'd probably go visit or invite her on down to visit the countdown city. Then yes, I would. Skype or phone calls. I was raised Catholic and instead of losing my faith in college, I have fallen deeper in love with it.

My faith has become my own and I want to share that with whoever I share the rest of my life with. So, yes I believe that it is very possible to remain faithful in college. You understand that we have no obligation to monitor any discussion forums, blogs, photo- or video-sharing pages, or other areas of the Site through which users can supply information or material.

The blog closed in September of Getting the male perspective: How do relationships change in college?

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Us guys aren't that complicated. We have simple want and needs. In fact, the best way to please a guy is to make things as uncomplicated and easy as possible. With that in mind, we've layed out these 10 things guys want in a girlfriend to make it perfectly clear what dudes are after.

For most, high school is a time of increased security. While you know enough about the world to hurt yourself, you're not trusted to quite make the big decisions on your own. College, however, is a time of independence and growth.

Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus tours , our directory of extended deadlines , as well as the list of schools going test optional this fall. July edited July in College Life. July edited July Post edited by bica24 on July

20 Cool Outfits for Guys That Instantly Make Them a Million Times Hotter

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? You're sitting alone at the house wondering why you're not out there dating. You've asked yourself about the way to even start trying.

12 Struggles Guys Have With Getting College Girls. #8 Makes So Much Sense.

You have a career. The days when guys want to outearn a girl are, for the most part, over. Even a part time job can make a big difference in how he views you. You know how to stand up for yourself. You know how to have fun.

A guy might look totally blah most of the time, but then one day he walks into geometry class looking like a supermodel sculpted by Greek gods and you wonder to yourself: What happened?

Yeah, no. Truly putting yourself out there and meeting people can be super hard, let alone meeting people you actually legitimately like enough to start a relationship. Sometimes, you want to take things into your own hands and actively look for a new partner on your own schedule.

10 Things College Guys Want In A Girlfriend...

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. This list of ten things women do that drive men away was compiled from informal interviews with real everyday men. None of them are sociologists, psychologists, or relationship experts.

Even thin hair, when worn long, can give off the appearance of a full ish head of hair. Then, Study Abroad in Athens Me blonde hair sophomore year. Me bangs! Guys should have as many ways to express their changing self as women do with their appearance. Think of all the long-locked celebrities women are totally crushing on these days.

10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the first season of "Love Is Blind. Forget "The Bachelor": This month, reality TV fans are buzzing about the new Netflix dating show "Love Is Blind," where singles first started dating by speaking to each other in "pods" where they couldn't see each other's faces. Sounds weird, but it worked. Several couples fell in love, got engaged — and a few even got married. One of the more talked about couples were Jessica Batten, 34, and Mark Cuevas, Their year age difference was fodder for many testimonial interviews. Even though Cuevas kept stressing that their age gap wasn't an issue for him, it may have ultimately led to their demise spoiler: though they made it down the aisle, they didn't get married. What is it about older women?

What are some great casual outfit for guys? Today we are talking all about casual outfit for guys and how you can wear them with a [ ].

Scenarios in which you see yourself failing with women and as a result you get nervous and afraid of that failure. Also, until you succeed with at least 10 or so hotter, better and smarter women you will never BE able to get this one girl nor will you ever be able to understand what you need to do in order to get her. Thinking that she is special will change the way you interact with her, you successful seduction behavior the one that got you laid with other girls will not be the one you use here. You will only be able to get this girl when you manage to see her as any other girl out there. This is a pointless question but it still gets asked a lot.

Getting the male perspective: How do relationships change in college?

I came into freshman year with a boyfriend who set up my whole dorm room for me. I am an opportunist. Of course, this only works for guys with whom I immediately know there is no future.

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