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The simpsons meet family guy

After 26 seasons and episodes, it's hard to stay fresh. Nonetheless, The Simpsons is trying, employing two big gimmicks in its season premiere Sunday night: a bizarre, buzzy couch gag from animator Don Hertzfeldt and a long-teased character death that underwhelmed pretty much everybody. Still, the strategy worked; this was The Simpsons' highest-rated premiere in years. But the main event came an hour later, when Family Guy premiered "The Simpsons Guy," which brought the Griffin family to Springfield for an extended encounter with the Simpsons. The Simpsons and Family Guy each inspire constant, breathless hyperbole, both positive and negative.

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The Simpsons Guy

In the episode, the Griffins meet the Simpsons for the first time and decide to stay with them after the Griffin family's car is stolen just outside Springfield. After the Griffins get their car back, Peter is taken to court as a representative of the Pawtucket Patriot brewery, his employer, when it is discovered that its ale is an unauthorized copy of Duff Beer. The idea for a crossover episode was suggested by Family Guy executive producer and former Simpsons writer Richard Appel , and the episode was announced by Fox in July Five of the six main members of the voice cast of The Simpsons —the exception being Harry Shearer —voiced their characters in the episode.

When Peter gets annoyed by an unfunny comic strip from the Quahog newspaper, he decides to draw his own. His art is a hit at first, but it angers local women for its misogynistic humor and the Internet turns against him.

He tries to clear his name on Joyce Kinney's show which backfires. Faced with an angry mob at the door, the Griffin family decides to flee for their safety until things blow over. Peter drives the family out of Quahog to escape the townspeople's ire. When they stop at a gas station, their car is stolen, leaving them stranded outside Springfield. The Simpson family puts up the Griffin family in their home until things improve. Bart shows Stewie his slingshot , and teaches him how to skateboard, and they become good friends.

Meanwhile, Lisa tries to find a talent that Meg has. When she finds that Meg is a natural at the saxophone , she downplays the talent out of jealousy. Brian tries to teach Santa's Little Helper independence, but the latter runs off when freed.

Marge notices Santa's Little Helper is missing, and Chris and Brian fake his presence until he eventually returns. Homer and Peter try different plans to find Peter's car, each one backfiring, until they discover it in the possession of Hans Moleman when he accidentally runs Peter over. The men celebrate at Moe's Tavern , but relationships sour when Peter tries to introduce Homer to Pawtucket Patriot ale. The drink is revealed to be an imitation of Duff Beer with a new label.

This results in Duff, represented by the Blue Haired Lawyer , filing a lawsuit against Pawtucket Brewery for patent infringement , with Peter forced to defend the brewery to save Quahog.

Fred Flintstone is the judge who presides over the case. During the trial, similar characters from both shows interact with each other including both shows' versions of James Woods.

The Griffins prepare to return to Quahog, where Peter faces the prospect of finding a new job. Lisa gives Meg her saxophone, but Peter throws it away, claiming there is no room for any more luggage. Stewie points out that he took revenge on not just Nelson, but all of Bart's enemies: Nelson, Jimbo Jones , Principal Skinner , Sideshow Bob , and for the sake of making a scatological pun Apu.

Bart is sickened by Stewie's violent tendencies and ends their friendship. The pair gain superpowers when they hit the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant , then end up in Kang and Kodos ' spaceship, where they lose their powers before landing in Springfield Gorge.

Peter and Homer stop fighting and admit their respect and admiration for each other while agreeing to stay away in the future. Returning home, the Griffins find that the heat from Peter's comic has died down and the Pawtucket Brewery is safe when Lois doubts that the inhabitants of Springfield will visit Quahog to enforce the ruling. Stewie tries to pretend that he is over Bart, but goes to his room crying while writing "I will not think about Bart anymore" several times on a chalkboard.

The idea of a crossover with The Simpsons was first suggested while the thirteenth season of Family Guy was being planned out. Brooks and Al Jean to use their characters. This was approved; Appel was previously a writer-producer on The Simpsons for four seasons, and retained his former colleagues' trust. Asked how he felt about the crossover, Shearer replied, "Matter and anti-matter. Family Guy writers pitched several storylines for the crossover, including one in which the Griffins stay with Lenny and Carl and never meet the Simpsons, and another one in which their whole series is revealed to be a figment of Ralph Wiggum 's imagination.

MacFarlane said that Fox would be happy to make it an hour long. Supervising director Peter Shin , a former layout artist on The Simpsons , spent time adjusting the Griffins to the specifications of Springfield—changes included dimming the whites of their eyeballs so they would not look too bright—and animating the eight-minute fight between Peter and Homer.

Appel said there are no plans to do a sequel to the episode, but stated that "by season 43 of The Simpsons and season 27 of Family Guy , someone who's looking at a blank board is going to say, 'Well, the Griffins went to Springfield The episode was first announced by Fox in July to premiere in the fall of People want to see Peter interact with Homer.

They want to see Bart interact with Stewie. In a way, the story in a crossover episode, while it has to be there, is never quite as important as how the characters interact with each other. You want to see them having a good time and you want to see Peter and Homer duke it out".

The episode was watched by 8. He however acknowledged that Bart's disgust at Stewie's behavior was "a good statement" of the difference between the two shows. Other critics responded negatively. Scott Meslow, of The Week , pointed out his disappointment that the episode parodied a scene in "Bart the Daredevil", as that episode dealt with Homer and Bart's relationship, but "The Simpsons Guy" used it as a joke in a violent sequence.

She listed nine reasons for this statement, including her dissatisfaction with the car wash and fight scenes, and the use of sexist jokes which had lost their shock value. Jones, of The Independent , criticized the episode's rape jokes and violence, and theorized that with the poor box-office performance of his latest film Ted 2 , audiences were growing tired of MacFarlane's humor.

The A. Club named the episode among "The worst TV of " under "Worst crossover", writing that "for no real reason, Homer and Peter find themselves in an interminable 'sexy car wash' montage, sudsing and squirting each other in tied-off tees and denim cutoffs.

Family Guy prides itself on cutaway gags, but the car-wash scene Tim Winter, the President of the Parents Television Council , a socially conservative media monitoring organization and longtime critic of Family Guy , wrote to Matt Groening, Seth MacFarlane and Fox about a joke seen in the trailer for the episode. In it, after Bart's prank call to Moe asking for a man with an innuendo name, Stewie makes his own call and tells Moe that his sister is being raped.

Winter felt that jokes about rape make it "less outrageous in real life", and that people who watch The Simpsons but not Family Guy would be unfamiliar with the latter show's brand of humor. The Parents Television Council declared the episode worst show of the week, saying that it was significantly distasteful to involve The Simpsons because although that series is rated PG, Family Guy aims "to reach the most extreme and outlandish conclusion of any joke, no matter how harsh the punchline may be.

For subjecting viewers to jokes about rape, cartoon nudity, and disturbing acts of violence, Fox's Family Guy will remain the Worst TV Show of the Week". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nick Riviera H. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved Rolling Stone. Retrieved March 22, Retrieved 7 October The Week. Retrieved July 31, Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved 28 April USA Today.

Retrieved September 29, International Business Times UK. Retrieved 2 August July 5, The Independent. Retrieved August 5, The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved February 11, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved September 28, CBS News. Associated Press. September 24, Retrieved September 24, Parents Television Council. October 2, Family Guy episodes.

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Family Guy Full Episode - Simpsons Crossover Specia

In the episode, the Griffins meet the Simpsons for the first time and decide to stay with them after the Griffin family's car is stolen just outside Springfield. After the Griffins get their car back, Peter is taken to court as a representative of the Pawtucket Patriot brewery, his employer, when it is discovered that its ale is an unauthorized copy of Duff Beer. The idea for a crossover episode was suggested by Family Guy executive producer and former Simpsons writer Richard Appel , and the episode was announced by Fox in July

See the full list. Title: The Simpsons Guy 28 Sep After fleeing Quahog due to Peter's misogynistic comic strip, the Griffins get their car stolen and end up getting stuck in Springfield.

They are two of the most famous creators in the universe. Their work is quoted almost as often as Scripture. They have turned their pens into ATMs, making them richer than the creator of the universe. They have given rise to—and remain the symbolic deities of—two sides of a pop culture debate that is being fervidly argued out on some message board as you read this. But on this toasty summer afternoon in L.

His art is a hit at first, but when he offends women with his strip and the Internet turns against him, he tries to clear his name on Joyce's show which backfires. Faced with an angry mob at the door, the family decides to flee for their safety until things blow over. After driving all night, the family stops at a gas station but while they are inside, their car is stolen, leaving them stranded in Springfield. Walking through town, they admire the town. As Peter tries to find the police station, they stop in at the Kwik-E-Mart for a snack. Apu recommends the donut which they are unfamiliar with and also reveal they are out of money. Homer Simpson offers to buy their donuts for them and introduces himself, introducing them to the proper way to enjoy donuts.

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Jul 18, - Homer Simpson, meet Peter Griffin. Fox has announced that The Simpsons will be appearing in a crossover episode of Family Guy.

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