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Telling someone you need space

In fact, the below tips will not only help you avoid a fight—they may leave your partner craving a bit more alone time, too! It's easy to get lost in a relationship. Without meaning to, we stop investing time and energy into nurturing our own interests and ways of being. Daily routines and stressors leave partners feeling exhausted and frazzled, and it can be tempting to chronically default to dependent behaviors that create a sense of safety and security. But the more the patterns create hyper-dependency and eliminate personal freedom and growth, the more self-limiting the behaviors become.

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What It Means When Your Partner Says “I Need Space!”

If you want to know how to give someone space without losing them, the answer is mind over manner. For those of us who have a harder time with the inner voices that create anxiety, it can be torture.

Fear, especially in love, is one of the hardest things to overcome. A vicious cycle, the more they push you away, the harder you cling. Until one day you chase them around the house, texting them desperately, or stalking their home.

Hold strong! You can do this, I believe in you. Texting is about the worst thing for any relationship. Unless it is for fun at first, quick messages, or sexting, texting can be a cancer in your relationship. Learning to cut the umbilical cord was easier without such easy access. If you want to give someone space, stop texting them, like all together. When they are ready, they reach out to you. If you feel as if they need space, then you probably feel like something is wrong, they pull away, or you know something is changing.

They might not even know what they want or how they feel. If someone either tells you they need space or you just feel it, then something is going on in your relationship.

Instead of worrying about giving them space and losing them, take the time apart to focus on what you want out of your relationship.

Do all the things you gave up since you started your relationship. You just might find you likewise need some space and time to do your own thing. You may have lost yourself in clinging to your partner. Being too close and not having separate lives is a recipe to lose yourself. If you worry about losing someone, then chances are good that you constantly wait on them before you make decisions for you.

In a relationship, you should want someone around, but not need them. Insecurity is not a sign of love, it is a sign of unsure feelings. Instead of worrying about losing someone else, make some decisions all on your own. One of the best feelings when you suddenly find yourself standing on your own two feet or having your own space is that you get to make decisions for yourself without worrying about repercussions or what the other person is going to think or say.

It is all you, baby! Decision-making is very powerful, and it might give you the courage to walk away and let them come crawling back. A significant other should be an extension of yourself, not a substitute. Stop worrying about what happens if you let them go.

Start thinking of all the potential things you do to find happiness all by yourself. If you truly want to know how to give someone space without losing them, you have to let go. If you look at it as a decision, then you put a lot of the onus on you and blame yourself for giving up. The answer might surprise you.

Well, unless you read about those old couples who die days apart. Yes, it hurts like hell. In fact, it might be the hardest thing you ever experience. But, whatever happens, the sun shines again, and you will find your new normal with someone who acts and behaves as if they want to be with you, not like they need space. They make their decision whether you back off and give them space or not. And, God forbid, you let it go on until you end up old, angry, and hurt beyond repair.

Limbo is hell, not the kind where you are bending under the stick, although wait… that is hell too. The person you are with should love you unconditionally, treat you like they are happy to have you, and cherish every moment with you because life is too short. If you think they need space, then either they tell you something is wrong, or you know it in your own heart.

Either way, you deserve to feel loved and appreciated, not anxiety ridden and confused. The best medicine for a broken heart is distraction. Giving them space means no contact. So, find something else to tear your mind away, if only for now. When it comes to knowing how to give someone space without losing them, friends are the best distraction ever. Misery loves Vegas with friends and being in your element by not letting it break you.

Be sure to tell your partner that you feel they need space and that this is what you are doing. Giving them space is only good if you let them know that they have it, not that you are pissed. They should leave for now knowing where you are at and where they are at with you, not that you are cold and aloof for no reason.

There are days when I am convinced that social media is going to destroy the world. It is so anxiety provoking. If you want to know how not to worry about losing someone, it is about getting off of social media and stop creating scenarios in your mind. Back in the day, when we let each other have space, we left the house. Now, you just take the anxiety and carry it in your pocket. If you want to give them space and not worry about it, then leave your cell phone behind. Leave it at home. When it comes to knowing how to give someone space without losing them, whether they asked for room to breathe in the relationship, or you just feel it, the key is to move on with your own life.

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What It Means When Someone Says They Need Space

Maybe you're feeling suffocated, or maybe you're just the type of person who needs some alone time away from your partner. Either way, it's an issue you can't ignore in relationships. And facing it can be tricky.

Everybody needs space. Some people need a lot, while others may need only a little. Although it may seem counterintuitive, giving a friendship some room to breath allows the relationship to remain healthy.

In this article, we are going to discuss what the whole meaning is behind the common thing I hear people say when dating. Then I am going to give you tips on what you should start doing right now in order to enhance this relationship and get your partner wanting to spend time with you again. Or if you the person that said you need space how to move forward from this. Before you read any further, I want you to know one of these most important things. At this point, there are a couple scenarios that you could be wondering why this is happening.


Every relationship has its ups and downs, and there may be times when you feel like you need space. However, needing space does not necessarily mean that you want to end your relationship. It may simply mean that you would like to focus on other obligations like school, work, or family. Here are some steps to help you communicate that you need space. Having some space away from your relationship can be a good way to get some perspective and figure out what you want in the future. Telling your boyfriend you want space can be a bit nerve-wracking, but if you schedule a time to talk with him, you'll both have time to plan for it. For instance, you might need time to clear your head and straighten out your priorities. Then, negotiate how often to contact each other so you can both be on the same page. For example, you might agree to a brief phone call every weekend to check in with each other. For more tips from our co-author, including how to evaluate your time away from your boyfriend, read on.

5 Delicate Messages to Tell Someone Close You Need Space

To have someone close to you is a feeling everyone yearns for at some point in life. These kinds of relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are necessary for that personal connection and growth that we all need. However, everyone also needs their private space, free from interference. The following templates can be used to explain clearly that you need your own personal space, without offending the other person. Illustrations courtesy of Shutterstock.

But melting into my sheets and drifting off with ease has eluded me.

Often in relationships, there will come a point when one of you needs space. It may even make you think there is something wrong with the relationship. You may find him pulling away from you or distancing himself which makes you question the whole relationship. Giving someone space does come with anxiety though and you might not want to lose them obviously.

6 Ways To Tell Your Partner You Need Space (Without Being Rude Or Hurtful)

It's difficult to reconcile the fact that your partner loves you with the fact that your partner finds you fucking annoying sometimes. Which is why "I need my space" can read as "I'm having hella affairs because you are like a human plastic bag suffocating me," even though what it really means is, "I'm going to eat cheese and watch eight hours of this SVU marathon in the basement; please don't talk to me. And, studies show, the most successful adult relationships are the ones in which both partners have figured out how to claim some independence, don't define themselves based on their partners, and give one another alone time. Interestingly, it's women who tend to crave space more than men, the Wall Street Journal reports :.

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If you want to know how to give someone space without losing them, the answer is mind over manner. For those of us who have a harder time with the inner voices that create anxiety, it can be torture. Fear, especially in love, is one of the hardest things to overcome. A vicious cycle, the more they push you away, the harder you cling. Until one day you chase them around the house, texting them desperately, or stalking their home.

How Much Space Is TOO Much Space In a Relationship?

If you're anything like me, you might find that getting alone time and a little bit of space is really important to you— and that's totally OK. Alone time is really important and some of us need more of it than others. But when you're in a relationship, it can become a tricky thing to navigate, especially as so much emphasis is put on coupledom in our society. No one is posting a picture of themselves taking a yoga class alone or reading a book! But individuals and relationships thrive on having a nice balance of together time and alone time.

Sep 27, - Someone's need for space doesn't mean you did anything wrong. If your partner tells you no when they could say yes, they're actively.

It may make you feel a little panicky if your partner says that they need some breathing room, but space can be a positive force in a relationship. In fact, it can be a great thing. The trick is to get the balance right. If your partner says they need space in your relationship, something has gone a little wrong—either with the partnership or just in their own life.

33 Ways on How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Need Space without Hurting His Feeling

When you just started dating, the day you miss without seeing his face is a day wasted. But nothing is sure in a relationship. But you can be unsure at times on how to tell your boyfriend you need space without hurting his feeling.

Sometimes, you might find that your partner constantly wants to hang out, even when you try to signal that you need some alone time. Or maybe every time you make weekend plans with your best friend, your partner gets upset. If you're dating someone super clingy and you want to tell them you need room to breathe, there'd ideally be a simple solution. But unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to know how to say you need space in a relationship , especially if the person you're seeing is pretty obsessed with you.

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