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How to make your own baby girl headbands

Do you have a baby or are you going to soon? Has someone close to you just given birth? If you have a bundle of joy in your life, you can make a stylish and sweet headband to start her on the road to fashion success! This article will teach you how to make a gorgeous headband that can be worn by infants and toddlers, completely customizable to your particular needs and style. To make a headband for your baby, measure your baby's head and cut a piece of stretch lace or jersey to the same length.


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25 Sewn Headband Projects for Cool Girls

Do you have a baby or are you going to soon? Has someone close to you just given birth? If you have a bundle of joy in your life, you can make a stylish and sweet headband to start her on the road to fashion success! This article will teach you how to make a gorgeous headband that can be worn by infants and toddlers, completely customizable to your particular needs and style.

To make a headband for your baby, measure your baby's head and cut a piece of stretch lace or jersey to the same length. Then, sew the material into a 1 inch thick tube, feed a length of elastic through it, and sew the ends together. Next, tie a piece of ribbon into a bow, and wrap inches of ribbon around the middle to hide the knot. Finally, glue or sew the bow onto the headband. For tips on how to measure a baby's head for a headband, keep reading!

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Measure the head. Before you can make the headband you will need to know the appropriate size. This can be done by measuring the individual or by using generalized measurements based on age or weight. If measuring in person, you will want to measure the circumference of the head, in roughly the same place that you intend the headband to go.

This will usually be just above the ears. Babies are fragile and do not like to hold still, so taking their measurements can be challenging.

If you have a cloth measuring tape, use this. Avoid metal measuring tapes as they are inaccurate and may scratch the baby. If a cloth measuring tape is unavailable, measure the head using a length of soft string and then comparing the string to another measurement tool.

If the baby is not located nearby or if the baby has not yet been born, you may have to rely on generalized measurements. These can be found readily on the internet.

Try searching for standard sizes on sewing and craft websites and message boards. It may also be possible to find another child of a similar size or age and measure their head. Decide the dimensions. You will want to decide the appropriate width of the band. This will largely depend on the size of the baby who will wear the headband, as a too-wide band will not conform to the head and simply slip off. A newborn will likely not be able to wear a band much wider than half an inch.

A six-month to one-year-old baby will probably be able to wear a one inch band. A toddler will probably be able to wear a two inch band. You may wish to test first before deciding. This can be done by cutting scrap fabric to try to visually guess the correct width or by having your baby try store-bought bands first to find the proper size. Choose your materials. The materials for the band will largely depend on the type of band you wish to make. Since babies have soft, fragile skin, stretchy and soft materials are best.

Stretch jersey, velvet, or lace are best suited to infant headbands. This material should form the band itself. Cut your material. Once you have chosen your material, it will be necessary to cut it. Materials like jersey will need to be doubled over in order to form a tube. If you choose to use a fabric like stretch lace, however, doubling will be unnecessary. For jersey, velvet and other full fabrics, you will want to cut the material in a long rectangular shape, in order to be able to eventually form a tube.

First, cut the length using the head measurement taken earlier so that there is a quarter to half-inch seam allowance on either end. Cut the width so that it is twice the size you decided on, as well as another quarter to half-inch extra seam allowance. These seam allowances should be on all sides.

Use appropriate tools. Using sewing shears is very important when you cut the fabric, as dull blades can lead to an uneven, unattractive edge. Cut your elastic. Do not shorten it to provide tension once placed on the head, as some of the length will be lost in the seam and you want to preserve as much stretch as possible.

Preserving some of the stretch and tension will allow the baby to wear the band for longer, as well as helping to ensure that the band is not too tight.

Method 2 of Create the tube. Now you will want to create the tube. This tube comprises the main section of the headband. It will go around the head and embellishments will be added to it. Make it as even as possible but since it is made of stretch fabric, most imperfections will be hidden naturally. Fold the rectangle of fabric. If using other materials, fold it lengthwise so that the wrong side is facing outwards. Pin the material using straight pins, so that the long edges are in line with each other.

Straight pins should be placed perpendicular to the long side of the fabric. This will keep your sewing machine from catching on a pin if you forget to remove one. It will also make it possible to sew right over the pins as well. Sew the length of the material, leaving your quarter to half-inch seam allowance and the ends open.

Use a stitch and sewing machine needle appropriate to the material you have chosen. Stretchy fabrics will require a ball-point needle and a stretch or zigzag stitch. For plain cotton a normal needle and straight stitch should suffice.

The same methods can be done by hand but will be more time consuming. Reverse the fabric. This can be done simply by hand but it may be easier to use basic tools. The most common method is to use a small safety-pin. Pin it at the end of the tub in such a way that the dead of the pin is inside the tube. Begin pulling small sections of fabric over the pin and pushing the head down the length of the tube. This takes time but is fair simple.

When you are done you may wish to iron the tube flat, to create more of a band appearance. You may also wish to forgo ironing, in favor of a looser, draped look. Add the elastic. It will also allow the band to grow with your baby, allowing her to wear it for longer. Be sure that you have enough elastic, as a too-tight band is not good for your baby. Feed the elastic through the tube. This will be easiest if you place a safety-pin at one end of the elastic and use that to guide you.

Make sure that as you pull the elastic through the tube, the elastic remains flat.

Easy DIY baby headband pattern free sewing - Knot Bow Headband Pattern and Tutorial

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And that goes double for little girls and their headbands. But what if you could make them yourself?

I am kind of obsessed with these soft elastic diy baby headbands. Snip one inch pieces off of your knee highs. This is the band of your headbands. It stretches plenty even for my own head so one size will fit all here. No seams!

DIY Baby Headband

Love the look of custom baby headband but hate the price tag? Marie is the author of Blooming Homestead and loves to share her latest home decor ideas, crafts, recipes, home organization tips, and diy projects. Thanks so much! They are quite fun to make. Goodness, it cost me money after coming to your blog! LOL I clicked on your source for supplies and that was all she wrote for me! Love that beautiful baby and her headbands. When I found those fabulous supplies I went to town.

Easy No Sew Hair Bow Headbands Tutorial

All you need is some stretchy fabric, a pair of scissors, and the ability to tie a bow. Just rub your fingers along the raw edges of your fabric to make sure it holds up. You only need a small piece of fabric. Most fabrics will be more stretchy in one direction than the other. If possible you want to cut your fabric so that it stretches length ways.

Are you ready for the perfect gift or a baby or toddler? I am totally gushing over these because as you can see they are ridiculously cute!!!

One of the biggest surprises for me when my daughter Lola was born this spring was that she had hair! While I was loving her dark locks, by her one month birthday she had already lost all of the hair on the front half of her head, leaving her with a hilarious baby combover from the back and I totally understood why baby stores are lined with little headbands. Baby hair be crazy looking! Here are a few simple headbands that you can do during nap time and still have a few minutes to spare!

12 Adorable Baby Girl headbands YOU can make!

One pair can yield up to headband elastics! The best part is that from the newborn stage to upwards of 2 years old, one pair will suffice. Cuttings from the toe area will be smaller and cuttings from the thigh area will be larger, which is absolutely perfect for your growing baby girl. Nylons are incredibly soft and stretchy making for the perfect fabric to wrap around your babies head.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Headbands for babies and toddlers from old clothes Tutorial: 4 cute styles

A girl needs options, right? These no sew hair bow headbands look like the store-bought versions that are all the rage these days. And I totally get why. Keep reading for the easy tutorial and you might just start mass-producing these for all the little girls or bigger ones too in your life! They will even fit you too if you want to borrow one. You can also just make the bows and attach them to alligator clips or ponytail holders for wearing a different way when your little one has more hair.

DIY Baby Headbands (With soft “no dent” band!)

Expecting a sweet baby girl? Or need a last minute shower gift for a friend? These 12 DIY tutorials are so cute, they will surely inspire you to make a handmade headband or bow for that precious little one! How terrible mothers are nowadays. Simply ridiculous! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Jun 23, - This tutorial for diy baby headbands couldn't be simpler if it tried. My technical drawing could use a little work (don't judge me) but it's the best I.

If you've seen a baby girl birth announcement recently, browsed Instagram, or shopped on Etsy, you've probably see an adorable infant wearing an oversized headband or bow accessory. Whether you love it or hate it, the trend is here to stay. While they may not have much hair just yet, a dainty baby headband can add an extra touch of sweetness to any newborn onesie outfit or photoshoot. The best part?

Baby Headband DIY (3 Ways and No Sew!)

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Easy No-Sew DIY Baby Headband

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