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How to look for jobs before graduation

There's a tendency among graduates to think that the piece of paper they hold in their hands once they leave university will catapult them into the higher echelons of industry. In an increasingly aggressive job market, this assumption couldn't be more misguided. Preparing yourself for the job of your dreams doesn't start the moment you don the gown and pose for that awkward photo It should start months — perhaps years — before that. With fierce competition out there, it's imperative that undergraduates arm themselves with all the weapons they need to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

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Head start: how to secure a job before you graduate

Getting a job right after graduation is no easy task unless you get on-campus recruitment. It could go crazy if the process of job hunting is not organized, especially if you are looking for highest paying jobs for freshers. Below are a few action items you need to keep in mind to find a job after graduation. Most colleges have a placement cell or a career office that will help you with your career aspirations.

These are resources you can use for free and are available to you as a student of the college or recent graduate. You can begin by tapping these resources right from college and you can opt for career counselling if you are unsure of your career path. So go ahead and meet the career advisor to discuss your aspirations and design your career path. These advisors can help you build your resume, prepare you for interviews and help you in your job search plan.

If you are in a reputed college your placement cell will hold visits from recruiters, host career fairs and sponsor alumni networking programs all of which can help us get your job.

Read our article to know about the best career options after graduation. Networking helps to tap into the hidden job market. Networking helps to find out where those jobs exist and to reach them. The best approach is to go indirect, i. By taking this indirect approach, you need to speak to professionals and get information on the skills required in your target company. Networking includes keeping in touch with your alumni association, attending professional networking events.

Touching base with past employers, colleagues, or managers helps you stand a better chance as they have witnessed your productive potential.

Professional networking on digital platforms like LinkedIn is also worth a shot. In addition to professional networking, LinkedIn helps to build a professional brand, search for jobs and apply, connect with hiring managers or recruiters, etc.

You can join LinkedIn groups for increasing your reach and visibility. LinkedIn has come up with an option of EasyApply by which you can share your LinkedIn profile as a resume while applying for jobs. LinkedIn profile today thus serves as an add-on to your resume.

Your website is a space where you can express yourself with your branding. You can also demonstrate your knowledge by writing a blog on your personal website. Most people buy a domain and link it to tools like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or Blogger to create the website and blog. Remember that job hunting is all about standing out, and having a website helps you gain that edge over the rest. Joining a group helps in building connections, gaining knowledge, and showcasing experience.

Professional associations usually put up meetup conferences where you can participate and share knowledge with expert professionals in your field who are generally eager to help the newbies. This is an excellent learning opportunity as you can connect and have conversations with industry experts.

You can also choose your mentors and role models from such professional meetups. Keep revising your resume to target specific jobs. You cannot have one single resume with which you apply for several positions. Instead, showcase the skills, experiences, and work that are most relevant to the job you are applying. Of course, practicing this will create countless versions of your resume, and you might even lose track.

Read about how to make a career objective in resume. An internship is a way of gaining hands-on knowledge and increasing your experience. If you are right out of college and hunting for a job, you will not do not have much experience.

Internship helps your resume outshine the rest with relevant industry experience. Interns usually get very low payment, so while you are on an internship your only motive should be to gain experience to sharpen your resume so that it is ready for the big leap.

An internship is a seemingly worthless step but it can contribute to a giant leap later on in your career. Depending on your career specialization there will be big brand firms in your niche.

You would love to work for your dream company. Identify those employers and visit the careers section of their website and look for positions opened for freshers. You can also check with your college to see if there is an alumni working in your dream company and ask advice for applying for a job and cracking interviews.

You can also sign up on the job site to check the job listing of the companies you are targeting at. The best way to find a job is to do it as a job. Imagine you are working on a job from 9 am to 5 pm and the job you have to do is to find yourself a job.

Think about the consequences of you failing at this job. This can get you more focused and organized at the job search you are doing. Schedule some time per day for job hunting alone and stick to it. When you are in the process of job hunting you need to keep yourself updated in the market. Doing the below can help you say up to date. If your resume gets shortlisted, the next thing you need to do is to crack the interview. Your confidence will skyrocket if you have ready answers for all common interview questions of your field.

These are a few things you can do to make your job hunt faster and easier. All you need is to be focused on it and we hope this article becomes an asset for your job search. Data Science. Table of Contents. Author Recent Posts. We are an online education platform providing industry-relevant programs for professionals, designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and businesses. Merging the latest technology, pedagogy and services, we deliver an immersive learning experience for the digital world — anytime, anywhere.

Facebook LinkedIn. Confused about your Career Path? Earn Stipend During the Program. Accelerate Your Career with upGrad. Related Articles. Career Options after 12th: What to do after 12th? Register for a Demo Course. Talk to our Counselor to find a best course suitable to your Career Growth.

Programs Data Science Management Technology.

10 things every graduate should know before they start job hunting

Regardless of your stage of life, going to college for the first time or going back to school to expand your education will pay off. Even in August , during the Great Recession , college grads had a mere 2. Despite the question of whether or not a college degree is worth the time and money, statistics like these clearly support the investment. College might still be the best way to land a job. But when it comes to landing a high-paying job, merely graduating from college is less than ever the key to success.

Getting a job right after graduation is no easy task unless you get on-campus recruitment. It could go crazy if the process of job hunting is not organized, especially if you are looking for highest paying jobs for freshers. Below are a few action items you need to keep in mind to find a job after graduation.

Think about college graduation last year. Some of your graduating friends likely had jobs already lined up. Yet many did not. The simple answer is that luck had very little to do with it.

What to Do If You Have a Job Before Graduation (And If You Haven’t)

I f the , students set to graduate from UK universities this summer know just one thing, it's that the party is over. Figures from employment website Totaljobs show one in three graduates is claiming jobseeker's allowance and a quarter of graduates haven't had a single interview. Certainly, is a tough year to graduate — but there is still a great deal that jobseekers can do to boost their chances of finding employment. Frustratingly, it seems little of this advice is reaching them — of the hundreds of recent graduates I met while writing How to Get a Graduate Job in a Recession , few felt confident about tackling the task ahead. Many say they found their university careers service uninspiring and unhelpful — that's if they made it through the door. So what are the things the class of really needs to know? The biggest issue for today's graduates isn't joblessness — it is unpaid internships.

What You Can Do to Line Up a Job by Graduation

Setting yourself specific tasks to focus on each day will help to break your job hunt down into smaller steps and prevent you feeling overwhelmed. Searching and applying for jobs after you finish university can be challenging. But with this comes flexibility and freedom: a chance to take control of how you prioritise your time and work out what you want out of life. Our advice will help you take some of the stress out of the process, job hunt productively and stay positive about the future.

Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e.

Wondering when and where to start? Use our timeline to find out what you should focus on between now and graduation day. Monster can help too. Upload your resume for a free critique, and if you want to really take it up a notch, use our professional resume writing services and let an expert write your resume for you.

College seniors, here’s the #1 way to get yourself a JOB you love, before graduation

Congratulations, you're hired! Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. A few classmates have already secured jobs that they will start soon after graduation.

For over 15 years, Kristine Kero, MS, has worked as a career consultant and training specialist for all majors and careers. At City University of Seattle, she provides individual career counseling and teaches workshops on professional job searching, resume writing and interviewing. Kero has a Master of Science in Counseling and specializes in career consulting, career assessment, career transition training and outplacement. She has worked with professionals in the banking, retail, airline, nonprofit and aerospace industries, and has been a member of the Puget Sound Career Development Association since , serving as president and board member. For college seniors, the pressure to find a job rises as graduation nears.

Six tips for structuring your job hunt after graduation

Prospective graduates often wonder when they should begin applying for jobs since they won't be available to start work until after they have graduated. Some students will elect to wait until the spring of their senior year to get serious, while others will begin planning as early as sophomore year. Wondering if you should press pause on your job search due to economic uncertainty? Most experts advise against waiting out a recession or other economic crisis. Further, Challenger said, by waiting until the crisis passes, grads may find themselves competing with millions of other applicants. In addition, recruiting isn't expected to slow down during the next academic year. Employers plan to recruit the Class of at the same levels as the Class of , with more of a focus on virtual recruiting.

Please review my profile” or uploaded your resume/CV on a job portal website (or GUIDE to getting a decent job, in any economy, before your graduation.

Posting your resume on an online forum is like dropping a coin into a Make-A-Wish fountain. As for myself, I found a good job after college, and then an even better one after that. To get my second job, I applied to only one company, without any references or referrals to aid me, and got an offer within 2 weeks.

Applying for Jobs Before Graduation

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5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job After College

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Land a job by graduation with this job search timeline

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3 Ways to Land a Job Before Graduation

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