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How to find a woodland mansion in minecraft pocket edition

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Dark Forest Dark Forest Hills. What are the Illagers doing in that dark, secluded mansion of theirs? With its Redstone jails, elaborate altars and hidden rooms housing strange obsidian structures - it really seems like they are plotting something. They are one of the only places where illagers spawn naturally the others being patrols , raids , and pillager outposts or where a totem of undying can be obtained from evokers , who drop them, also spawn in raids.

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The Five Best Minecraft PE Woodland Mansion Seeds

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Dark Forest Dark Forest Hills. What are the Illagers doing in that dark, secluded mansion of theirs? With its Redstone jails, elaborate altars and hidden rooms housing strange obsidian structures - it really seems like they are plotting something. They are one of the only places where illagers spawn naturally the others being patrols , raids , and pillager outposts or where a totem of undying can be obtained from evokers , who drop them, also spawn in raids. Woodland mansions generate very rarely in Dark Forests and their Hills variants, often appearing tens of thousands of blocks away from the spawn.

Like most randomly generated structures, woodland mansions can be found more frequently in a world using the Large Biomes world type. Because woodland mansions are generated randomly, their exact structure varies. However, all woodland mansions have several things in common: they all have 2—3 floors, with a wide variety of different rooms, and generate a cobblestone foundation underneath the entire structure; the top floor is less than half the size of the lower floors, and they all contain a large foyer that leads to a winding maze of corridors.

Any given woodland mansion will contain many types of rooms, and since the layout is randomly generated, some room types may not be present. Furthermore, certain rooms within the mansion may not be readily accessible - some may have sealed entrances, and others may have no entrances at all.

A list of possible rooms, the names of these structures, and small descriptions are provided in the table below. Note that the room names are conjectural. In Java Edition each woodland mansion chest contains items drawn from 3 pools, with the following distribution:. In Bedrock Edition each woodland mansion chest contains items drawn from 3 pools, with the following distribution:.

Issues relating to "Woodland Mansion" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there. The woodland mansion being revealed during MineCon An example of a large hallway, with multiple branching directions, supported by two large wooden pillars.

Inside of a jail cell, the only notable features being the carpet "bed" and a cauldron in the corner. A mansion generated in an amplified world. Note the village on the left. A fossil sticking out of a woodland mansion in the Legacy Console Edition, due to a bug. Generated structures and terrain features. Sign In. From Minecraft Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

Woodland Mansion. See also: Chest loot. Main article: Achievements. Odd mansion generation. An extreme hill biome cut into the mansion structure.

Categories : Java Edition specific information Bedrock Edition specific information Generated structures. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Talk. Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 8 May , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Minecraft Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. A room that is empty except for a bench on which 5 flower pots have been placed, each containing different flowers. A room with a cobblestone ring around the walls, with rails on top of it, and ladders placed on the walls of the ring. A single carved pumpkin sits on the wall facing the door. A room with two types of tables made out of cobblestone stairs, and chairs to go with them.

There are some flower pots and carpets on the tables. A room with a checkerboard pattern on the floor, slightly resembling a kitchen, and all the walls are lined with oak fences. There is a hidden chest placed above the door, containing loot similar to that of a dungeon. A secret room with an octahedron -shaped mass of obsidian, and within that heap is a block of diamond. An office-like room with a desk with a flower pot on top, as well as a prominent arch in the center, made of birch fences, slabs, and stairs.

A small dining room or meeting room, with a table and chairs to go with it. The table has light gray carpets on it, with some black carpets in the middle. The upper walls are decorated with vent or chimney-like structures. A cozy bedroom with a bed made out of wool , a fireplace made out of cobblestone and a bonsai made out of a fence and 1 block of leaves.

A small library or study room, the only things of note being the several bookcases and flower pot in the corner and chest.

A room with a small vine-decorated oak stand, on which sits an array of potted alliums. A full cauldron and a chest containing more alliums sit nearby. The roof is made out of oak fences. An altar-like room with a construction in the middle, made of cobblestone and cobblestone stairs which delimit a tiny, short passage with a banner at the end. There's a hidden chest behind the construction. A vindicator always generates here. A room with a wheat farm, and a small table with chair in the corner.

The water in the farm is covered with lily pads. Some, or even all of the crops may be missing. The farm resembles a farm found in a village, but has dark oak logs. A room with arches made of polished andesite. There's a damaged anvil and, in a corner, two lava blocks encased by polished andesite to prevent burning. A room with 2 layers of rows of dark oak saplings. Ladders go to the ceiling. There is a loot chest with dark oak saplings in it.

A room containing a tree and a chest which always has an iron axe with Efficiency I. The entrance to this room is always sealed off by a wall of dark oak planks. A storage room with a lot of single chests.

All of the chests are empty. A room with a door-opening redstone circuit. The room is locked by 2 iron doors. There is a lever and some redstone dust to open both. Inside is a zone with cobblestone arches, with some brown carpets and a cauldron.

A room with a cell with cobblestone walls and a cauldron and brown carpets on the inside, and a chair and a table outside. A room with a bunch of arches made of dark oak logs. A chest exists at the room's end, containing loot. A room with spiral staircase: a 1-wide, dead end, sloping and curving hallway that leads to a single chest, containing loot similar to that of a dungeon.

Some stairs leading up, decorated with an illager head made from wool. The stairs curve towards the left or right at the base. A dining room, with a table with a flower pot on it and stairs all around it, and what appears to be a serving counter in the corner. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling. A long bedroom with pink and purple beds towards the rear, and a table with a flower pot in the corner. Two vindicators always generate here. A lounge-like room with many bookcases, swing-like seating structures against the walls, and a table in the center with four flower pots on it, the flowers arranged by height.

A large master bedroom with a regal bed. Banners hang from an ornate wall decoration above the doorway. An interesting two-tiered bedroom, containing a sort of closet made of birch planks and two dark oak doors. A ladder near the entrance leads above to a loft with a chest and carpets simulating a bed. A complex shrine-like room with a single prominent elevated block covered in black carpet, and resembling an altar.

Benches run down either side, and an overhead structure made out of cobblestone hangs over the altar. Two vindicators and an evoker always generate here. A secret room with 1 chest containing assorted spoils, with 4 dark oak fences and 4 torches for each corner of the otherwise empty room. A secret room with a platform of orange wool in the middle and a ring of green wool above it, giving it the appearance of a stronghold end portal.

A set of cobblestone stairs and cobblestone monster egg blocks allow access to the top of the wool ring, which has a trapped chest surrounded by two TNT blocks and containing two ender pearls. If the trap is sprung, the TNT will break the infested cobblestone blocks and will swarm the player with silverfish.

Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansions have tons of rooms with the possibility of chests, monster spawners, and even blocks of diamond! But be careful, because Evoker and Vindicator mobs will spawn in Woodland Mansions, ready to defend their home. This seed spawns a Woodland Mansion about 1, blocks away, at , It's pretty far away, and you'll have to cross some mountains and a swamp to get there.

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How to Use the Locate Command in Minecraft

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NOTE: Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 To find the coordinates of Nov 16, - Uploaded by DigMinecraft.

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