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How can i make my boyfriend get me pregnant

Fertility expert Zita West explains how to help your man and his mojo. By Sophie Westnedge. Trying for a baby can be an emotional time for both you and your partner. Check out these top tips, from fertility expert Zita West , to help get your man in the baby-making mood. Focus on getting the back passion in your sex life, as arousal level affect the amount of sperm produced. Putting too much pressure on your partner can make him feel anxious about performing.

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My Boyfriend Admitted He Tried to Get Me Pregnant

My new boyfriend and I have only been together for two months. He constantly talks about marrying me and having kids. He even admitted that he didn't use condoms when we first got together to try to get me pregnant!!! He makes me feel beautiful and wanted, and treats me like a princess, but I'm afraid he's trying to trap me into something I am not ready for.

What do I do? This guy needs to slow the hell down. And you need to take a step back and think this over: Do you want to get so serious with this guy so quickly? Why does this guy suddenly want to leap into parenthood and marriage, even if that means tricking you into getting pregnant? Sure, people do fall head-over-heels, but there's a difference between falling and being tripped. This should really worry you. But first, let's dial things back a bit: He didn't use condoms right when you started dating because he wanted to get you pregnant?

That's fucked up. I'm unclear about how or why he thought he could get you pregnant. Were you on the pill and didn't say anything? Or were you not and you went along with it anyway? Whatever the case, please be sure that you're not letting him control this relationship entirely — or pushing you toward unsafe sex. I'm sure you know that, but it does sound like he's trying to steamroll and possibly trap you.

You've got to be more assertive. Just think about all the things you couldn't possibly know about this guy after just two months — from his past relationships and family to his long-term stability, mental or otherwise — and consider how you might fill in some of those gaps.

Sure, it's going well, but would you ever be considering family and kids after such a short time if he weren't pressuring you? If you feel like he's trying to trap you, he probably is. Trust your instincts, practice safe sex, and slow down this runaway train. In fact, this relationship sounds so reckless, you should at least consider switching tracks entirely. My long-term, long-distance ex and I broke up about six months ago, and I started seeing another guy but kept hooking up with my ex and talking to him regularly.

We were in love for three years and unofficially engaged, and it took me awhile to get over him. Fast-forward six months and I've finally broken ties with my ex, and the other guy I've been hooking up with and spending a lot of time with is so much more than a rebound. He's wonderful, caring, and affectionate, and we have similar interests and goals. I'm falling for him hard. He's officially my boyfriend as of today and I couldn't be happier, but he doesn't know that I hooked up with my ex several times while we were seeing each other casually.

Also, when I first started seeing Mr. Amazing New Boyfriend a week after the breakup , he saw some old Facebook photos and asked when I broke up with my ex and how serious we were, and I lied and told him we had broken up months ago and didn't talk anymore, and I didn't tell him that we had been engaged. I don't know why I lied. I guess I didn't want to talk about it and didn't want him to feel like just a rebound.

Do I need to come clean about the past? I feel like it doesn't matter and it would be a bad start to a promising relationship, but now that I care about and trust this guy, I want to be honest with him. Should I? I think you should be honest with him. I understand why you're worried.

You lied to him. But I think this is an understandable mistake. You barely knew him. In the early days of a relationship, when we have no idea if something is going to be casual or serious, temporary or long-term, people often fudge the facts. That's not exactly an excuse — that's just to say that we've all been there. Early on in a relationship, there are very few of us who, when asked about an ex, won't downplay its seriousness — or exaggerate how we are totally over it.

But you need to clear the air. If you had an open, casual relationship in the beginning, I don't think this is the kind of issue a guy will go nuclear over. But that doesn't mean that he won't get upset. So: How do you do damage control? You come clean. First, you tell him what you wrote me: That you're "falling for him hard" and that you "couldn't be happier. Admit that you lied. Explain to him exactly what you didn't tell him about your ex, and explain why you lied.

Without making any excuses, try to give him some reasons. Tell him what you were thinking at the time. Don't pretend your lie was justified — just explain why you did it. Then stress the positive: You're telling him now because you want him to be able to trust you going forward.

To build a strong relationship with him, you feel like you have to get this off your chest. He might get upset and may need a bit of time to cool off. But if you're trying to build a long-term relationship with this guy, this is the kind of thing you two will need to be able to work through anyway.

If Mr. Amazing New Boyfriend is as amazing as you say he is, he'll understand why you lied — and why you cared enough to tell the truth. I have been dating my boyfriend for two years now. He lost his father last year, and he was the breadwinner for the family. Ever since, he has changed and hardly has time for me or us, and he's always busy and it's really frustrating me up to the point that I'm always shouting at him and I keep telling him to make time for us.

I really want to be there for him, but he always tells me that he'd rather solve his family problems with his family. It feels like there's no relationship at all, and I am tired of telling him the same stuff. I really love him, and we are even planning on marriage.

It's tough to balance responsibilities — and when family, work, and love stack up, it can be hard for anyone to prioritize. If you're in a long-term relationship — healthy or unhealthy — with absolutely anyone, this is bound to be a persistent issue. It will flare up from time to time because there will only ever be so many hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in the year.

But there's a difference between handling all that well and letting things get way out of whack. You sound so frustrated — and, no doubt, your boyfriend is not making you feel safe and loved. The problem usually isn't that someone is spending less time with a partner because they love them less; he's probably just struggling to juggle unpredictable duties.

He sounds overwhelmed. And I think that's something we can all understand. So I think you need to find a better way to talk about it. It doesn't sound like a conversation; it sounds like you're accusing him and you're using some pretty extreme language — like saying, "It feels like there's no relationship at all.

Respectfully, I think you might need to tone things down a bit and think about ways to open up a more productive discussion.

It's funny, but when you shout something, people are actually less likely to hear you. He's surely feeling pressure from both you and his family — and he's surely feeling like he's trying to do the right thing and failing. That's hard on anybody's ego. So you might find that a more gentle approach could work wonders. You might start by setting aside a whole night for a longer conversation about how the two of you are going to deal with all this new pressure.

I'd suggest you start that discussion by making sure your boyfriend understands that you respect what's he's facing — and that you're supportive, as you say, of him fulfilling his family responsibilities. And then comes the "but Tell him you care so much that you want to feel closer to him. Also, it's worrisome that he's defining his family problems as problems that don't concern you.

You've been together for two years and you're talking about marriage, so it may be time to tell him that you want him to think of you as part of his family. By the same token, you may need to start thinking of his family as yours, since they will theoretically be your family soon.

In any case, his family problems are already yours. It's not going to be easy. It never is — not for any of us. And you're probably not going to solve anything after just one conversation, no matter how long you talk. It takes time to work through these issues.

The trick is keeping those channels open and doing the hard work of sympathizing with someone whose short-term responsibilities might not match up with your needs. It sounds like you love each other a lot.

I bet you can weather this tough patch if you can figure out a way to do it together. Do you have a question for Logan about sex or relationships?

Ask him here.

Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant Is Higher with a New Boyfriend

My new boyfriend and I have only been together for two months. He constantly talks about marrying me and having kids. He even admitted that he didn't use condoms when we first got together to try to get me pregnant!!! He makes me feel beautiful and wanted, and treats me like a princess, but I'm afraid he's trying to trap me into something I am not ready for.

The latest male fertility research reveals how your relationship length plays a role in pregnancy—and his best swimmers aren't waiting for him to settle down! When you think about starting a family, you probably imagine having that conversation with someone you've been dating-or at least have known -for a while. But it turns out your best chances of getting pregnant may actually be with the guy you just met.

Would you want someone to trick you into pregnancy or parenting? Given, it's you who would become pregnant and give birth, not a guy, but manipulating someone into the position of creating a pregnancy when they do not want to be part of a pregnancy, become a parent or be financially obligated to support a child is profoundly unethical. And if your boyfriend is doing all he can to use or support your use of birth control , undermining that without his consent is pretty deplorable in my book. On top of that, as is the case with any pregnancy, you need to consider things for a child just as much as you consider them for yourself. Assuming you're earnestly ready to become pregnant, give birth and be a parent -- ready financially, ready practically, ready emotionally, ready socially -- how might you envision yourself explaining to a child this conception story?

Deceptive Conception

Aside from the ethical and moral reasons not to trick someone into pregnancy, there are other, more selfish reasons not to do it either. But you trick him into getting you pregnant. Having a baby is also a joy-filled experience, but it also puts even the best relationships to the test. If you are not financially ready, you may find yourself with even more stress in your relationship. If you tell your partner, he may resent you for ing him and may see you as dishonest and not to be trusted. Things rarely change. Instead of tricking your partner into having a baby, think about the things you could gain from finding someone with the same dreams and wishes as you. It would be much better to be with a man that wants a baby as much as you do.

20 Signs He Wants to Have a Baby with You

Is it time for you and your mate to have a baby? The decision to raise a child needs to be a mutual one, but before you pop the big question, "Do you want to have a kid? This is crucial because sometimes your spouse or boyfriend does not even realize he is telegraphing the need to have a child to you by his behavior. Was this helpful? Yes No I need help.

If the news is unexpected, at the very least, women typically subconsciously rely on a maternal, instinctual confidence to see them through.

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How Can I Trick My Boyfriend into Getting Me Pregnant?

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5 tips to get your man in the baby-making mood

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Feb 25, - He even admitted that he didn't use condoms when we first got together to try to get me pregnant!!! I really, REALLY like him. He makes me feel.

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How do I trick my boyfriend into getting me pregnant?

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