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Skip to content. I … maya goes through a few situations. Again, Riley quickly put that photo behind the others, Maya flirting with Lucas.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x12 - GM Bear: Maya, Josh & Zay (Zay: …you not a bad guy at all)

Zay Babineaux

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I fell in love with Girl Meets Rileytown and thought it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my craving. I realize the text message that Riley relayed to Maya in the show probably was all in one and not drawn out over the course of a few weeks, but for all intents and purposes, for this story, it is. It could be a little sloppy; I don't spend a lot of time editing, otherwise I end up changing the entire story.

But the objective should be clear. Disclaimer: I don't own the show; if I did, Rucas would be endgame and Farkle would never have had a Justin Bieber haircut.

Riley got the first of many unwanted dings from her phone one day at lunch. She was sitting amongst the fab five on a Friday afternoon in the school cafeteria, acting quirky and goofy as usual, hands flailing about and body shaking excitedly as she recounted an earlier experience from gym class. Maya grinned widely watching her best friend advance deeper into Rileytown. Lucas smiled warmly, a mixture of amusement and fondness evident in his features as he studied the rambunctious brunette in front of him.

Farkle smirked, relishing in the beauty of her innocence. Zay watched from the other end of the table, mouth agape, eyes fleeting from Maya to Lucas to Farkle to Riley; his wonderment of the clumsy teen still not acclimated, even months after meeting her. Suddenly, a soft buzzing from under the table jolted the happy girl out of her story telling.

She pulled her phone out from her bag and looked with perplexity at her friends in front of her, mentally counting each one of them. Wondering who could possibly be texting her at in the afternoon on a Friday, she held her phone in front of her and read the script.

Riley's face fell and immediately she began scanning the cafeteria, hoping to catch an indication of the unknown aggressor. Her friends, having witnessed her sudden change in demeanor, began searching the cafeteria as well, weary on what exactly they were looking for. Riley's eyes were noticeably larger than normal, but she shook her head and smiled. Nothing, just a wrong number. Maya looked at her best friend, bewilderment clouding her features, but Riley smiled a washed-out smile and Maya knew the topic was over.

For now. The second time that dreaded ding came was one night when they were congregated at Topanga's. The fearsome five had been brainstorming the entire night on how to stop the arts program from being eliminated at John Quincy Adams. As soon as Maya had uttered the words "Why can't we think creatively? Naturally thinking one of her parents were texting her to return home, Riley casually pulled her phone out of her pocket.

For the second time in a week, Riley's face betrayed her and her lips curved downward and quivered. This time, Farkle was the first to notice. See you guys later. Maya and Isadora Smackle had left her room through the bay window about ten minutes before and Riley had just finished getting in her pajamas and brushing her teeth. The kids had exhausted themselves with worry over the probability of Farkle having Asperger's; don't get them wrong, they would have loved the evil genius all the same, but they were nothing if not fiercely protective of their clan.

And they had learned the hard way that not everyone is as accepting of one's eccentricity as they were. They had been relieved when they found out Farkle did not have Asperger's Syndrome, though Riley and Maya now faced another dilemma involving Smackle.

Riley sighed as she grabbed her phone from her dresser. She flopped onto her bed and scrolled through her texts. Maya: I think this is something Farkle and Smackle need to figure out on their own. See ya tomorrow. Riley's smile fell from her lips and her brows knitted in confusion. Why was this still going on? Realization finally started to settle into her mind that she wasn't dealing with just a few mean texts. What she was dealing with was much worse.

She turned off her phone and tossed it into a pile of clothes on the other side of the room. She clutched her stuffed pig close to her chest and let the tears guide her breathlessly into an afflictive sleep. Riley woke up the next morning with her eyes puffy and her nose red. She groaned after glancing at the damage in her mirror, gently taking a finger to trace the bags under her eyes.

This was nothing a hot shower and some of her mother's concealer couldn't fix They had been lucky enough to sit down on the subway this morning and Riley was uncharacteristically quiet. Riley shook herself out of her thoughts and smiled at the blonde beauty. Just tired.

Riley wanted so badly to unleash the last two weeks of turmoil onto her best friend. She wanted desperately to share her burden with Maya; to loosen the load off of her own shoulders and commiserate sullenly with her unbiological sister.

She wanted to bury her face into her shoulder and have Maya stroke her hair as she comforted her, " We love you just the way you are, Riley Matthews.

But Riley knew she couldn't do that. Riley and Maya had spent their lives from pre-k on living as one person. They celebrated each other's joy, cried for one another's heartbreak, raged together when the world singled one of them out, and ached during the other one's pain. Riley had learned to be the pillar of strength in their friendship; Maya had been through so much of her own pain, Riley didn't have the heart to mix even a sliver of her own to Maya's pallet.

Riley grabbed her history book from her locker. Maya had run to drop off an art project to Ms. Kossal before the first bell. She sighed as she took one last look at her phone before turning it off. Nothing yet. She turned to walk into her father's classroom but a sturdy frame halted her mobility.

One look into his emerald eyes and she felt her knees go weak once more, and she was silently thankful he was still holding her in place. For the second time that morning, the fleeting thought of confiding her secret to someone else, to share her distress with one of her best friends, to maybe gain some guidance with how to handle this situation, entered her mind.

But it left almost as quickly as it came. She remembered how Lucas had acted that first week that Zay had arrived at their school and gotten himself into some trouble. She had heard the story about how he had gotten kicked out of his old school for fighting, it had even caused a slight rift in their friendship. She could still picture Lucas holding that guy up against the wall in the hallway, his face inches away, murmuring that he's as strong as a horse and doesn't even need to work at it She shuddered.

No, confiding in Lucas was not a good idea. He was intensely loyal to his friends and the last thing Riley wanted was for Lucas to turn back into Texas Lucas on her behalf. She nodded. You can let go of my shoulders now.

He motioned for Riley to enter the classroom before him. She placed her books on her desk and smiled at Farkle as she sat down. Riley grabbed her books from her locker and clumsily stuffed them into her book bag. It was finally the end of the day and she was maybe a little too eager to go home she realized as several books missed the opening of her bag and plummeted to the floor. She groaned as she crouched down to pick them up.

Would people stop asking me that today? She sighed. I really am. Just had a lot on my mind today, that's all.

He held his hand out to her to help her up and she gladly accepted the assistance. For a moment, Riley could hear the gears in her brain turning. Yes, yes, yes. Who better to understand what she was going through than Farkle? Farkle Minkus, who had been bullied nearly all his life for being different, who had just recently stood up to Billy Ross and proved that he was anything and everything but a nothing. Because, yes , Farkle was bullied and yes Farkle overcame it, but Farkle is going through stuff, too.

And isn't Farkle just getting over the fact that he doesn't actually have Asperger's Syndrome? Farkle has his own problems to face, he doesn't need to worry about one of hers. Everything's perfect. Riley grabbed her phone out of her bag to text Maya that she would meet her at Topanga's at four-o-clock. As soon as she turned it on her stomach dropped. Anonymous: Stop being who you are, or I'm going to put my foot in your weird, stupid face.

An array of emotions inundated Riley at once: anger, heartbreak, confusion. She couldn't understand how one person could be filled with so much hate for someone they didn't even know. Observing that it was well after school hours and the halls were empty, Riley slid against her locker to the floor, bringing her knees up her chin, and she let herself cry.

Riley didn't bother to lift her head, but rather grunted in acknowledgement. She felt the darker-skinned Texan boy's presence beside her a moment later. Riley looked at Zay with tear-stained cheeks and red eyes. He didn't need to ask her if she was okay; he knew she wasn't.

Girl Meets World Fanfics — Ski Lodge AU (lucaya)

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Riley lets out a snort as if her best friend would say yes after that. Suddenly the bell rings and the rest of the class floods into the room followed by Mr.

Maya had just exited the school and was heading in the direction of the nearest subway station when I familiar voice called her name. Maya stopped in her tracks and glanced over her shoulder to find Zay running to catch up to her. Turning completely to face him, she replied, "What's up? Maya just rolled her eyes.

Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux is a semi-regular character in Girl Meets World who was introduced in Season 2 as Lucas ' best friend from Texas and later became the fifth member of Riley's circle of friends. He then forms new friendships with Riley, Maya, and Farkle with whom he shares the title of Lucas' best friend. Brash and confident, Zay fancies himself a smooth talker, but his words and actions more often get him into trouble rather than out of it, which causes him to depend on Lucas to bail him out. In "Girl Meets the Secret of Life" it is revealed that Zay and Lucas were best friends at their old school and Zay was indirectly responsible for Lucas' expulsion. Like Lucas, Zay's father was transferred to New York. In later episodes, he becomes more comic relief during the more serious or awkward situations. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This was supposed to be angsty, but… nah. Look, Isaiah Babineaux came to New York with a set list of rules, rules that he refused to break:. It was that simple. He found Lucas and reconnected, getting four new friends in the process.

The triangle happens 8th grade and is resolved by freshman year.

Hey guys, I thought I would take a break from my other story and do a one-shot. I think Maya looks good with both Josh and Zay. Inspired by Randomness Girl.

Riley and Lucas were getting ready to eat dinner with the gang at Topanga's. It was after closing, but Riley's parents kept the place open later so they could have their own friends-giving together. After all, they were graduating in just a few months, and after that who knew how many times the gang would be able to all get together again? Riley and Lucas were the only ones there so far.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 3x11 - GM the Real World: Cory & Class (Zay: I love this class so much)

It was the last night of the school trip to the Mount Sun Lodge. The whole weekend was crazy with drama and serious talks and it was rarely fun. Maya sat by the fire after a late night walk around the woods with Zay. Zay and Maya had become really close during the whole triangle. She sat by the fire finishing a sketch she had been working on for a while.

This is very short, but hopefully it's decent! Zay was thankful once he finally found Lucas that he was sitting underneath the big oak tree outside of the ski lodge rather than kicking it. Zay sat beside his friend, doing his best to ignore the anger in his tone. Man, I know this has been confusing for you. I'm here to help in any way I can. But this has been going on for too long now. You need to make a decision.

What would happen if Zay and Riley are together? Riley is the "bad girl" in school, everybody is scared of her. Zay is the quarterback. Nobody but the bully kn.

Isaiah Babineaux is an intelligent man. He is intelligent enough to know when one of his best friends is keeping a huge secret from everyone. He stared at Maya from across the room. She once again had her gaze focused on Riley, who was focused on Lucas. Could that girl be anymore obvious?

Don't do it. He then glanced at Maya and then looked away. Thankfully Zay went on to talk about Riley in great detail.

I fell in love with Girl Meets Rileytown and thought it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my craving. I realize the text message that Riley relayed to Maya in the show probably was all in one and not drawn out over the course of a few weeks, but for all intents and purposes, for this story, it is. It could be a little sloppy; I don't spend a lot of time editing, otherwise I end up changing the entire story. But the objective should be clear.

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