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Girl band members wanted

Musician wanted — Your bassist has gone to study in Rio or your drummer has become a doctor and no longer has time for the band? No worries. This is where bands find musicians, and musicians find bands. We want to be something more than a hobby band. Our style is fucking diverse Garage , funk , post-punk so check some songs.

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Musician wanted — Your bassist has gone to study in Rio or your drummer has become a doctor and no longer has time for the band? No worries. This is where bands find musicians, and musicians find bands. We want to be something more than a hobby band. Our style is fucking diverse Garage , funk , post-punk so check some songs. Obwohl wir nie in einer Band gespielt haben, vereinen wir reichlich Banderfahrung, in verschiedenen Stilen und kommen zusammen auf etwa 2.

We are currently in the process of writing an album, so any new member and new imput is more then welcome. Hi Guys! My genre is soul — pop. Looking forward to meeting you! Hallo Leute! Mein Genre ist Soul Pop. I am open to experiment with different music genres : Hope to hear from you!

Assi Assassin is searching for a Bassist and Vocals. If you want to fuck things up, contact us! Shout out to all the funky female musicians in town! We can start jamming, rehearsing and having fun once or twice a week to write originals and to get tight.

Then we can move on to playing gigs and recording. With their influences and special flavor each musician will help to create this funky coctail. Ist aber keine Grundvorausetzung. Dazu gibt es bereits geplannte gigs ende Die Songs sind recht popig, textorientiert, meist recht politisch, spiegeln aber eher den Zeitgeist, ich hoffe sie sind nicht zu plakativ.

Wir sind mitte und ende Freue mich auf euch. Habe Banderfahrung, spiele auch in einer band, habe aber Lust auf ein anderes Genre.. Guitarist looking for people to jam or band to join. Sure there are good players here but where is the fire? Where are the people who are willing to push? We want to record and tour! Skill level need — intermediate level is pretty fine. We are an atmospheric black metal band from berlin and we are looking for a new singer male or female.

Nach unserm ersten Liveauftritt sollen noch weitere kommen, danach Album, Tour, Grammy — you name it. Also Metal machen wir nicht. Janis are looking for a bass player. An exmple of our more recent sound is here: And an exmple of our older stuff can be listened to here:. We guitar and Drums are looking for Bass and vocals around the ages The best way to describe Our music is a Mix of metalcore and rock e.

I prevail, Beartooth. Softer Songs and heavier Songs, but always energetic. We both have long years of experience in music and songwriting and have an own Rehearsal space. As for your vocals you should be able to sing and scream nothing crazy, just a Main shout is needed and write lyrics.

As Bass you just need to be able to play the Songs and maybe throw in a riff idea or two. Hast Du Lust eigene Songs zu spielen oder auch zu covern. Meld Dich gerne! Hi I am a singer and looking for a female guitar player. Acoustic as well as e-guitar. Interested in writing own songs? Hey ich suche eine Guitarristin! Hast Du Lust eigene Lieder zu entwickeln? Unsere Bandformation braucht eine Stimme und sucht neue Vocals. Alter von Jahren. Audio Material vorhanden auf Anfrage.

Einfach vorbeikommen Wir freuen uns auf dich! Hi, we are both 16 and are looking for a drummer in our age range. Since we are a fairly young band we have not had any gigs yet but we hope to change that with a new drummer. If interested please write us an e-mail. I propose myself as a drummer for recording sessions.

All genders, please feel addressed! Berliner Indierock-Band mit deutschen Texten sucht Drummer. Wir sind ein singender Gitarrist 33 und ein trommelnder Trommler 35 , beide Berufsmusiker, die noch in anderen Projekten spielen. Sonst so: Wir wollen das Projekt weiter aufbauen, Fanbase erweitern, alle Monate neues Material droppen und weiterhin mindestens einmal pro Jahr auf Tage Tour gehen in den Schulferien.

Besten Dank, Leo. Hey, ich bin auf der Suche nach weiteren Leuten die auch noch am Start ihrer musikalischen Karriere sind und Lust haben erste Banderfahrungen zu sammeln. Ich spiele Gitarre. Falls ihr Bock habt mal am Wochenende eine Runde zu spielen, schreibt mich einfach an. Hope to hear from you soon :. Are you interested in playing bass in a rock-funk-fusion trio? I am a singer-guitarist from Ireland 41 and have been making music around Berlin for the last 15 years with my drummmer mate of a similar age.

Cellar practice-room is available!!!! If you are curious and you like to jam, improvise and generally feed your soul with rock-funk-various music styles then please get in touch. The plan is to write original material together and gig. And would like to make something that stands out a bit, like the body or full of hell.

Not just 30 seconds of blast beats. I would like to take this fairly seriously with regular rehearsal and playing shows and eventually doing merch etc, but of course have fun at the same time. Hello, my Name is Alex.

Age preferences: 20 — 35 We have no official band name right now since we would would like to decide after we have a Vocalist. We are on the Heavier side of Nu Metal. Our influences include Slipknot, Korn, Kittie and Soulfly. I am looking for occasions as a background singer — bands, projects, gigs, recordings, performances. I have a high soprano, soft and clear voice and some live and recording experience. I can send some examples via PM.

Ziel: neue Platte machen und Gigs und Touren zu spielen. Wenn du interessiert bist, meld dich gern. Looking for a guitarist open to other instruments too! I will play the rhythmic guitar while singing and it would be nice to have another guitar making the arranged melodies in the recordings.

There will be bass and drums too. Hello Marina, Please, See below. Both gigs Brut-to 2,5 Hour. Please, note that the NET playing time is 20 min shorter because of the conversational part within the gig.

Female preferred. We have two EPs out, which — combined — make one album. There is a clear concept behind the band. Listen to the songs and get in touch. Cello parts can be altered for the live performance as long as they still represent the general atmosphere. Rehearsals are once a week at Berliner Rockhaus. Let us know if you need further details.

My name is Caspar 25 from Denmark. I just arrived in Berlin yesterday, and want to meet new people. I have prepared a lot beats before arriving, so im in need of Rappers and vocalist.

2 girl band members wanted for a new RnB girl group - Manchester

You can find more information about our auditions or group on our official insta account prett. We are really dedicated girls that like to become succesfull. Hope to hear.. I'm a guitarist looking for a band. I'm 16, been playing since I was

No eBook available Amazon. An opening chapter recounts how the cultural changes during the war and postwar years affected performers-especially women and African-Americans-and an A-to-Z appendix provides synopses of almost entrants, including related musicians and famous venues. A bibliography and subject index provide additional tools for those researching Swing music and its many roles in mid-century American culture.

Small private dinner party in apartment No set date What is your song list.. London based talent agency representing actors, singers and dancers working in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Dance, TV and Film in the United Kingdom and worldwide are looking for new talent to represent. Apply for more information Apply with your profile for Audition information


MusicMelter is here to provide you with the tools you need to enhance your music. We can't share all of our secrets, but we are building even more amazing things for you and yes it will always remain free, as it should be. Help create an even stronger music community by sharing MusicMelter with your music friends, but also please let us know how we can boost your MusicMelter experience. Because we built this for you. See what kind of musical artists and musicians are Wanted in your area. Distance km 5. Sep 03, Over the last few years a website has been quietly under works to help enhance musical artists in support of their passion for music. We know how important music is in our own lives and how much work and dedication goes into each and every song that we love to sing in the shower or […].

The book starts off well and delves into the background of early metal bands. The author seems to play favorites with some bands while nearly ignoring others of similar importance. As the book winds down the author's stories of metal's demise relating to the influx of grunge doesn't add up. For example the author speaks of Ratt's reunion in happening once "alternative music was finally on the wane". There are others I could cite.

Posted by Erikkadis in Plano, United States. Posted by Spirited.

Thousands of musicians use the UK's biggest free musicians classifieds to find band members every day. Why not try it yourself? Are you looking to join a band or trying desperately to find musicians?

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Backing tracks, loopers, youtube videos Whether you want to form a band, collaborate on original songs or just jam. Playing with other musicians is extremely satisfying and fun.

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Girl Band Members Wanted

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Are you interested in Music, Bands & Musicians? Singers, Rappers, Vocalists, Lyricists wanted for collar with producer. Brighton Girl group members wanted.

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Musicians Wanted

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