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Cool bandana styles for guys

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It’s Only Cool Vibes With These 8 Stylish Bandanas

Typically square and in a paisley handkerchief pattern, bandanas are a great way to hold your hair out of your face. Not only that, but there are many ways to fold them to add a colorful accessory to any outfit.

Some bandanas are more creative and showcase your favorite bands or other interests. Whatever your reason for wearing them, folding and securing them properly can make all the difference. To fold a bandana like a headband, lay the bandana flat on a table and fold it in half in a triangle shape. Fold the base of the triangle up about inches toward the tip, then continue folding until the bandana forms a narrow rectangle.

Position the bandana high on your forehead and tie the ends around the back of your head. If you prefer, you can place the rectangle against your hairline at the back of your neck and tie the ends at the top of your head. Keep reading to learn how to fold a bandana like a head wrap!

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Learn more Explore this Article Headband Fold. Head Wrap. Ponytail Accessory. Neck Scarf. Show 1 more Show less Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Fold your bandana into a triangle. Flatten your bandana on the table. A square bandana works best for this style. Position it like a diamond, and fold it in half to form a triangle. Create a long strip out of your bandana.

Fold the base of the triangle up about 1—2 inch 2. Crease the fold and repeat, folding until the bandana is a narrow rectangle. Tie on the headband. For a simple headband look, place the center of the strip against your forehead.

Tie the ends around the back of your head, using two knots to keep it secure. Wear it with a top bow instead. Alternatively, place the middle of your bandana strip on the center of the hairline on the back of your neck. Move your two hands toward the edges of the strip and pull it onto the top of your head. Take the short ends sticking out of the knot and open the folds of the bandana to create your bow.

Secure your bandana. If you want the bow to be off-center, now is your time to move it. Simply grab the knot with one hand and the middle of your bandana with the other and shift it until it reaches your desired spot. Pin the bandana near your ears and at the knot to keep it from shifting further. Method 2 of Fold a single corner of your bandana. Lay out your bandana. You want a square bandana in order to make this kind of fold. Take the corner closest to you the bottom corner and fold it up so that the point hits the center of the bandana.

This will give you more fabric to stretch over your head. Wrap the bandana around your head. Holding your bandana on each corner of the fold, place across your forehead. Make sure the small piece of fabric you folded is on the inside. Move your hands outwards toward the two side corners, pulling them toward the back of your head.

The top corner of the bandana will be on top of your head. Tie your bandana. Use the two side corners to tie a single knot at the back of your head. You want it tight enough so that it feels secure. Be careful not to make it too tight though, because it will be uncomfortable. Flip the top corner and tie it in place. Bring the top corner of the bandana over the top of your head and to the knot. Place it over your original knot and use your side corners to tie another single knot over this piece.

This will catch the top corner in the middle of a secure double knot. Make any necessary adjustments. You can hold on to the front and pull the knot to loosen your bandana. To tighten it, use both hands to tighten the knot as securely as possible.

If you have longer ends than you wish, create a triple knot to shorten them. Method 3 of Pull your hair into a pony tail. Before adding your bandana, you need to style your hair. Pull it back into a pony tail at your desired height and secure it with an elastic.

If you wish to pull your bangs out, do so before adding your bandana. Create a skinny strip with your bandana. Lay you bandana flat. You can use a square or rectangular bandana for this style.

If you have a square bandana, fold it in half to form a triangle. If you have a rectangular bandana, fold it hot-dog style in half. Wrap the bandana around your ponytail. Flip your pony tail over the top of your head. Place the center of your skinny bandana strip on the elastic under your ponytail. Move your hands toward the ends of the bandana as you bring it up above your head. As you pull the ends up, flip your ponytail back into its natural position. Tie your bandana off.

Take one of the ends and wrap it under the other to create a knot. Let the sides hang down beside your ponytail. Loosen the folds if you wish to show off your bandana. Run your fingers through your pony tail to loosen your hair strands around the bandana for a more natural look. Method 4 of Use your bandana as a neck scarf or neckerchief. This is a fun, unconventional way to add a bandana to your outfit. You can tie it as an ascot wrap to accessorize.

Place the bandana around your neck. Take two opposing corners and hold one in each hand. Pull the bandana tight and place it around the back of your neck with the ends hanging in the front.


The bandana is becoming a must-have accessory to add that final flourish to your look. Extremely versatile, the bandana can be worn in many ways, ranging from your neck to your wrist. When I was younger, I was obsessed with wearing one. I had a baby blue coloured paisley style that I used to wear over my head with a matching New Era cap I got from America — dressed to the side of course.

Among the fashion accessories for men, the bandana is a standout choice with a classic and timeless vibe in it. You can wear this simple yet versatile item in many ways for adding a stylish look to form of fashion. So, a bandana can always make an excellent addition to your fashion whether you are going out on a date, a formal meeting with a client, a tour with your friends, or a dinner with your spouse.

Bandana styles for guys vary in pattern, material and tying techniques. This accessory is worn to create a unique personal style, give your head extra protection from the sun, hold loose hair back or avoid windblown hair. Bandana tying techniques are simple and quick to complete. Cotton and polyester are great for casual outdoor occasions while silk is best suited for making a fashion statement. Spandex bandanas are best used to hold hair in place.

7 Stylish Ways to Wear Men’s Bandana

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. A bandana can be both a head or face covering and a statement about who you are and what is important to you. If you're hoping to update your look and show off your personal sense of style, you can check out some affordable bandanas for men on eBay. Getting to know a bit about the common patterns or materials you can choose from will help you find the men's bandanas that speak to you. There are a couple of main kinds of men's wraps for the head that you can get at reasonable prices on eBay. Both types come in various colours, patterns, or sizes that you might want. See the manufacturer for details on sizing. Each type of bandana for men that you find also provides some coverage, but the different kinds achieve this coverage in a couple of ways:. Yes, some bandanas for men are tied in specific ways for different purposes.

Men’s Bandanas – Where to Buy the Best Styles in 2020

But with the warmly welcomed summer heat comes the sweat to back it up. So enter the stylish solution for summer sweat: bandanas. Sure, cool bandanas make for the perfect fashion accessory, but they can also serve as an accessible rag — not to mention how effectively sexy bandanas can look. Talk about dual purpose.

Typically square and in a paisley handkerchief pattern, bandanas are a great way to hold your hair out of your face. Not only that, but there are many ways to fold them to add a colorful accessory to any outfit.

Click through for all 6 DIY looks and the step by step instructions for recreating them on your own, in 60 seconds or less. To get this look, fold bandana in half at the points, to form a triangle. Wrap the rolled bandana around your neck and double knot — leaving the ends loose, as shown in the photo. For those times when you want to look like you tried, but also really just want to keep your hair our of your face.


No longer the domain of 80s rockers and musicians, the bandana is coming back in a big way - but would you know how to rock one and still look cool? When it comes to how to wear bandanas, all the info you need is right here. A bandana is a large square or triangular piece of fabric that can be made out of many different materials, from cotton to silk.

Can we all take a minute to obsess over this whole bandana movement at the moment? Well, I guess head accessories in general because I like the look of headscarves and bands, too. I first mentioned my love for bandanas back when I shared my go-to Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials list. So much so that I just purchased 2 more colors while at Madewell last week. Just tie the bandana around your head and then either leave your hair down, half up or top knot it.

How to Wear a Bandana - A Style Guide

A bandana is a must-have fashion accessory, unisex, classic and timeless, which is very practical to assert your style and change your look all year long. Very useful and easy to use, you can wear it in many different ways. This little piece of square or triangular fabric with paisley print has been worn for years by men and women around the world. It can both bring a touch of elegance or a more rock style to your look. In rappers or gangsters, the way the bandana is tied up represents the group or gang to which it belongs.

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You see guys wearing bandanas all the time, and they look great. But if you're not sure about wearing one yourself, it's very easy to learn how to tie one. There are several options for tying one, so see what works best for you and your style needs. This way of wearing a bandana also offers head protection for anyone suffering from hair loss.

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