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Boy and girl twins room

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Good Design with Kids in Mind. I always wondered what I would've done if my second baby was a girl. We ended up having two boys, so we didn't have to worry about shared space for a boy and a girl in the end. I love the photo of the bedroom with 3 beds. The floral headboard material is the same as my curtains!!



Colorful Boy & Girl Twin Nursery

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We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Hi everyone, we just found out we are having a boy and girl and I need some suggestions on nursery theme and decorations.

I can't seem to find a whole lot of ideas on Pinterest. Thanks everyone! The quilts are from a friend, but we did get some nautical ones. Amazon has a set called splish splash for a girl and babies r us has one called Oceania for a boy. Also you can find these quilts on Etsy but so expensive!

I saw some cute stuff on Etsy : I'm having boys and I'm thinking of doing the nautical with maybe a whale theme. Their bedding is green and their cribs are white. This allowed me to add pink and blue and purple and teal.

I love their room! I used an old jelly cupboard as a changing table not pictured in the above pictures and my friend made the framed signs. I also have white letter initials hanging above their beds should probably take a picture of those. We just started ours but so far we've painted the walls a light aqua and cribs are white. Hoping to get at least one put together today! I'll add other fun colors in smaller amounts I found matching blankets, his is white and dark teal and hers is white and pink, but same pattern.

I want some yellow in there too somewhere. We are moving very soon so i wont be putting up picture frames but gives you a small idea. We're thinking about something Dr. Seuss themed. I haven't worked out the details yet, but my pinterest board is full!! I did animals, his side is more woodland animals and hers is zoo animals :.

We did a mint and white theme. We like it. Our 6mo twins barely spend any time there yet. Hopefully, one day they will like it, too. We don't know what we're having so we went with neutral. Jungle animals theme, we found these cute sticker decals for the wall on Etsy. We only put one crib up for now since they won't be sleeping in there at first. I didn't really go with a theme. Just neutral.

Started with colorful rug. Someone on etsy made the bedding. Walls will be white in the new house. Was easiest to have with ours : didn't want too busy of a theme as their room is a little small Also had to add blackout curtains as the blinds didn't do much.

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Violation Reported. What about a nautical theme with ships and mermaids, Etsy has a lot of very cute mobiles. Show 6 Previous Comments. Kpvich22, where did you get the bedding? Kpvich22, Here's the rest! TwinMommyLV, Thanks so much for your original idea. It finally came together!!!! Thank you!! Thank you! LTtwins, love that idea! I love it :. In Multiples and Twins Twin nursery organization.

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16 Awe-Inspiring Twin Nurseries

Designing the perfect nursery for your little bundle-to-be can be intimidating. Add a second pea to the pod, and the idea can be downright stressful. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Designing a nursery for two is not that different from designing any other space. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

Shared bedroom ideas often aim to please young children, but not the teenagers they will grow up to be. This family won't have that problem! Stripes appear nearly everywhere in this happy kids' room—on walls, window, pillows, bedding, cushions, and even the bunk beds themselves.

Question of the Week: My daughter and husband have fraternal twins, a boy and girl who are now 5 years old. They are sleeping in the same bedroom and have been since birth. At what age should they have their own rooms? Answer: Your question is one that inevitably pops up in all families with more than one child but in the case of twins, and in your particular case, boy-girl twins, there are many more issues at play.

Boy-Girl Twins: Should They Have Their Own Bedrooms?

But something I have had the hardest time finding inspiration for was their nursery! I wanted it to be gender neutral but also still unique to them, all while still looking like a nursery and of course, it had to be functional as well! So check back here in a few weeks to see the back wall wallpaper and their names revealed! So I screenshotted different items I was thinking about purchasing online and put it all together in a collage. You can see the collage below. Once I had that figured out, I decided I wanted wallpaper too so I added in wallpaper and you can see my final collage inspiration below also. If you want to know where each item came from, you will find a description and direct link to purchase right below the picture. The rug came from Ruggable and the coolest thing about it is that is is washable!

How to Decorate a Twin Boy-Girl Bedroom

Professionally printed on Kodak Professional Endura Paper, mailed to you directly from the printer. Mat and frame are not included. It is an art print. Select Options. Are you a Maker?

A couple of months ago I decorated my kids bedrooms.

The mission here was to take this room from drab to fab! The family had moved from the city not long before and are currently renting a house in the suburbs. So, the task was to take a set of nursery furniture and "toddlerize" it without spending a lot of money. A few DIYs and some saavy internet shopping and Voila - a bright and fun toddler room for the taking!

How to Decorate a Shared Boy & Girl Room

We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. Hi everyone, we just found out we are having a boy and girl and I need some suggestions on nursery theme and decorations. I can't seem to find a whole lot of ideas on Pinterest.

Naturally, this may lead you to having your twins share a bedroom. This arrangement works great for several years but will eventually end with the question: how long can my boy girl twins share a room? If your family is trying to make the most of your limited space, keeping your twins in the same room may be your only choice. You can always consider shuffling bedrooms around so different people take turns in different rooms. Consider making this swap every year or so.

Twin boy/girl Nursery ideas

The babies are finally here! The nursery is definitely NOT on trend as one of those elegant, modern, boho baby nurseries that look like a fancy guest bedroom with a crib thrown in it. Instead, I wanted to put together a bright and colorful, gender neutral room where kids can be kids, and where both my boy and girl twins can play and grow into the space over the years … until our little girl eventually needs her own space and takes over our guest bedroom. It was a little more expensive than what I like to pay for a rug, but it definitely brings the entire room together. To add some color, I went with these fun polka dot sheets and hung lightweight Engineer Prints of a couple of my favorite photographs above the cribs. We love how it looks like the dinosaur wants to eat the giant donut!

OPEN ME ← Hry Crypticorns! Welcome to a room build, we built this twins bedroom together and hope Nov 6, - Uploaded by Cryptayzia.

Mainly, because you usually have to wade through toys and clothes to even get to the beds. I loved the green I used in their last room so much that I painted it the exact same color. I really lucked out with the furniture for their room.

Making an expat home your own

Even if they're similar, you can incorporate both of your twins' tastes into the same bedroom. Decorating a room for boy and girl twins can be a bit difficult, no matter how similar their personalities may be. Empty the room of everything, including toys, furniture and books. Remove any receptacle covers with a screwdriver, and turn off the circuit breaker to the room for safety.

Boy Girl Twins Toddler Room

Squeezing two newborns into one nursery can seem daunting at first, but with a little advice and some creative thinking, you can easily create a beautiful and functional space for two. Feeling overwhelmed? Stop panicking and start planning with these 10 helpful tips for designing the perfect twin nursery.

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10 Tips for Planning a Twin Nursery

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